We believe that leading edge capability needs to be a given in our model, but that it’s great people that powers procurement. We work hard to maintain what we call Procure4 Standards across our insight, tools, tactics and people through our Academy Programme.

Rapid development of your category knowledge and expertise

Our Academy Leaders are highly experienced operators who engage with clients and suppliers to understand the capability that Procure4 needs within a particular spend area, and make sure we have the tools, insight, tactics and people to help them succeed. Our Academy Leaders support our Category Leaders and BizIntel team with their technical training and set clear targets for mid-term performance enhancement across four work streams:

  • Category Manager Development and Technical Training
  • Strategic Supplier Relationship Management
  • Market Insight Development
  • Supply Chain Optimisation and Financial Performance Improvement

Thanks to our Academy Programme, our project teams have the support and resources they need be highly credible with busy stakeholders, engaging and aligning them behind tailored Approach Strategies and maintaining momentum to deliver challenging targets, On-Time and In-Full.


Academy Programme

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