P4 Partner Programme

Our people work on multiple projects across a range of sectors, with their technical training provided via our Academy Programme. For wider mentoring, personal development and day to day support, each of our people have a ‘P4 Partner’ responsible for ensuring they develop and flourish at Procure4.

Working with you to develop your career

All new team members are assigned a ‘P4 Partner’ to support, guide and manage them at all stages of their career. Their P4 Partner brings their experience and network to support them in achieving their objectives, realising their personal development aspirations and getting the most out of working for Procure4.

The P4 Partner will work to understand their aspirations and support them in the development and delivery of their ‘Personal Development Plan’.  Every member of our community is supported at all times and have every opportunity to chat about what they are looking for out of their career – even if this ultimately means moving out of Procure4 for the appropriate new challenge.

Our adage is ‘if you recruit great people then you lose great people’, as no one organisation can satisfy the career aspiration of all of their people all of the time. At Procure4 we’re absolutely committed to ensuring that, while they are with us, our people develop, feel inspired and enjoy their time here.

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