Just Flex

Flexible working and support for working parents can be a hot potato, especially for small businesses that don’t always have the capacity to make flexible working an option. As a result, 47%* of full time employees still don’t have part time working encouraged at their workplace. “Flexible working doesn’t mean working less or slacking off, it means finding hours that suit your life and how you best work” says Mother Pukka, Blogger and flexible working campaigner.

The benefits of flexible working have long been based around offering employees a better work-life balance; this, alongside reduced stress levels (56% of individuals feel stressed or flustered at least once a month) enable employees to be more productive during their working hours. CIPD research suggests workplaces that offer employees flexible working benefit from increased engagement, employee loyalty and motivation, a win-win surely! 70% of workers feel that offering flexible working makes a job more attractive to them so surely providing flexible working is the one way to secure the people your business wants.

“At Procure4 we’ve certainly experienced this. We’re absolutely committed to ensuring that, while they are with us, our people develop, feel inspired and enjoy their time here”, says Rebecca Milgate, Procure4 Recruitment Manager. “You get back what you give. From day one Procure4 has always strived to be a conscientious employer with over half the payroll working flexible hours.”

In support of this approach to working, Procure4 are sponsoring the ‘Best Employer’ category at the Catey’s this July. “We have a long-standing relationship with the Hospitality sector, having worked with leading brands such as wagamama, Bill’s and Caffé Nero to deliver sustainable supply chain efficiencies” says Procure4’s Commercial Director, Chris Mullen. “The opportunity to support the Best Employer category allows us to promote the responsible employer message, something we have a deep-rooted belief in.”

Flexible working is about employer and employee working together to shape a working model at an individual level, rather then just dishing out the standard 9-5. “Its not our place to preach, says Chris, however, we’ve found a model that works for us as a business and for our employees. Its our employees who make Procure4 the business it is so we value them and nurture them in a way that works for us all.”


*Statistics source: powwownow.com

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