Rolling Up Our Sleeves, at Procure4

At Procure4 we believe that it is great people who power procurement. Our team of experts are committed, bringing energy and determination to every project to support change and then lock it in.

This ethos was never more true than last December at Caffè Nero stores across the country. With last minute Christmas shopping at its peak Ben Norris, Procure4 Project Manager, and some of the Procure4 team rolled up their sleeves and donned their Barista aprons to support Caffè Nero stores in Aylesbury, Oxford, Birmingham, Sheffield and Manchester during a busy lunchtime.

Clearing tables, loading the dishwasher, and ensuring the Blueberry muffins were fully stocked, Ben and the team got stuck in to fully encapsulate the Procure4 ‘One Team’ philosophy for the day.

Working on the shop floor, at Caffè Nero, gave us real insight into how the business operates. It’s very different on the other side of the counter,” said Ben “We may be the experts at procurement but during rush hour in busy stores, we certainly aren’t experts at making coffee; best left to the Caffè Nero Baristas.”

It was a pleasure to have Ben and the team working in our stores for the day, however I think we’ll let them focus on procurement and leave making coffee to our Caffè Nero experts!” said Laura Vallis-Wain, Head of Internal Communications, Caffè Nero.

Procure4 has been working with Caffè Nero for several months, addressing several categories of spend to deliver real value and lock it in.

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