Mitigating the Cost of a 'No Deal' Brexit

The implications of Brexit reach far and wide and, with the strong possibility of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit looming large on the horizon, the hospitality industry must act quickly to try and mitigate the potential costs and risks.  The latest reports suggest import barriers and a drop in the value of Sterling could see significant rises in the cost of imported produce, by up to 40%. 

The hospitality industry must now contend with the very real possibility of a ‘No Deal’ scenario and all businesses in the sector should have an action plan in place to ensure that their supply chains remain competitive and their menus remain affordable to their price-conscious customers.  Now more than ever is the time to act and ensure that your business is in the strongest position possible to cope with the potential impact. 

With the UK importing over £10bn of Fruit and Veg, over £6bn of Meat and over £5bn of Beverages a year, the scale of the challenge for the UK economy as a whole and specifically for the hospitality industry is substantial.  Procure4 can provide you with the external capacity, insight and know-how to help you navigate these challenging and uncertain times.

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