Creating visible value

We work hard after we’ve delivered the supply chain solution to ensure that contracts are in place, Finance and Procurement are clear on where the savings are, and we leave tracking tools in place such that savings can be measured. This creates real value.

  • Baseline and End Pack sign off
  • Befits tracking tools in place
  • Visibility of value


Once the Delivery Phase is complete we undertake a through closure phase, during which time we forensically interrogate the paperwork and activity we’ve created and undertaken, making sure a watertight audit trail is in place. This includes working with your Finance team to confirm that savings are real, visible and can be tracked over time, resulting in real EBITDA improvement.

Tracking Tools

Through our many engagements, we’ve created tracking tools to capture and track generated savings at a headline category or budget line level, and we tailor these to suit your needs.

Project Review

Using a ‘What Went Well; Even Better If’ methodology, we complete a thorough review of the project and make adjustments and refinements to our processes and approach. The result is a constantly improving, tailorable approach, built on the learnings from many projects across multiple sectors, industries and categories.

Additional Services

Restructuring the supply chain and creating real value is just the start. Once the initial project is complete we work with many clients to provide support in other areas such as: contract management, ongoing procurement support, SRM, Procurement training, etc.  Please contact us to chat about how we can support you with our broader support services. 

You will be surprised at how quickly we can create real value for your organisation through People Powered Procurement. Click here to contact us today.