We believe it’s important to get the project right from the very start, and so we invest time in ensuring that we’re clear on what it is we’re setting out to achieve, who will be involved along the way, what success looks like and how we’ll be measured:

  • Headline objectives
  • Scope of work
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Communications plan
  • Governance structure – who’s

As Is – To Be

The foundation of Procure4's procurement service is to establish an organisation’s current position, the 'As-Is' and assess what opportunities exist for us to create a value added situation, the 'To-Be'.

Best Practice Procurement

Our team of supply chain consultants will start the project by liaising with your team to draw up a Project Charter. This is a document that clearly outlines the objectives, information scope, resources, timings and any potential risks. We will then agree a Communications Plan and a Governance Structure, ensuring that we comply with best practice procurement models and communicate effectively to guarantee relevant people are fully informed about the project and their likely involvement.

Spend Analysis and Data Gathering

A Baseline is developed by Procure4 which requires data gathering to determine the current spend and contractual situation per category. We will liaise with category stakeholders and suppliers for each category in scope to enable an accurate spend analysis and robust determination of savings. This enables us also to understand the current approach to supply chain management.

KPI Development and Organisation & Process Design

The Procure4 scoping phase takes the Baseline and considers the contracts that can be affected, then mutually agreed KPIs are ascertained with the client. We then build a significant Cost Base Reduction Plan including organisation and process design, allowing for maximum savings to be achieved. As a specialist supply chain consultancy with 10 years' experience to call on we are able to develop a CBR Plan that is workable and achievable within your organisation.

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