A virtuous circle of sector growth

Given that a considerable proportion of our business is from referral or from satisfied clients moving into new roles, it should be no surprise that we have adapted Our Approach and applied our category expertise to a diverse range of businesses and organisations in some pretty obscure sectors.

Broadening our category expertise in some diverse sectors

Most organisations already have some procurement focus on their core or direct areas of expenditure. So when a CFO or executive feels Procure4 could have a rapid impact, initially they will point us at some of the indirect categories across a diverse range of sectors. From military range management, to car park payment systems, to charity marketing print, to multi-media translation services, Procure4 people have unlocked real and sustainable value where previously procurement has feared to tread.


Broadening our category expertise

Featured Case Studies


Supply chain review for this total FM solutions provider to the MOD’s UK training estate.

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Large scale procurement review and scoping of CBR for this Scandinavian media giant.

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